Stonehill Inn

This modest inn has six rooms for rent (Sildar Hallwinter takes one). If the characters decide to stay here, see “Food, Drink, and Lodging” in the rulebook for pricing. (The characters’ other alternative for lodging is to camp outside the town, or to persuade a farmer such as Daran Edermath or Qelline Alderleaf to let them sleep in a hayloft.)

The proprietor is a short, friendly young human male named Toblen Stonehill. Toblen is a native of the town of Triboar to the east. He came to Phandalin to prospect, but soon realized that he knew a lot more about running an inn than he did about mining. The new town offered a good opportunity to become established. Toblen is upset that the Redbrands have been allowed to terrorize the town, and that Harbin Wester, the townmaster, has done nothing to curtail them. However, he tries not to stir up trouble for fear that the Redbrands might retaliate against his wife and children.


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Stonehill Inn

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