Phandelvan Champions

Tresendor Manor

Glass Staff

The team, Alauntyrr Kilneld, Carlin Timbers, Lt. Augais Deakon, broached the Manor. Upon entering we searched the room using our stealth and examined the contents; we apparently made much noise while being stealthy and drew the attention of some undesireables.

We handled them slightly better than in times past taking, for us minimal damage. We then patched up and went through a door and happend upon a crevasse with a creature with one eye (someone fill in the name here). We conversed with the creature eventually retrieving food from the stores from the previous room. The creature provided us with some information. It also gifted the party with treasure including Talon, a magucal long sword. This was taken by Deakon. Afterwards, we planned to cross the rickety bridge so Carlin suggested that we grab some of the food from the previous room for the return trip just in case we come back this way. So we got some food. Since the bridge was rickety, we sent Lt. Augais Deakon across first as he weighed the most. Just in case was tied him off with a rope apparently leaving just 10’ of rope remaining out of 50’ and sent him across where the bridge broke with the Lt falling and dragging the rest the team holding the rope. Fortunately since we fed the creature, he left us alone and we were able to crawl up the wall to the other side and escape the crevasse. We licked and healed up our wounds with healing potion and moved on.

We came upon a room for which we could hear three (bugbears) picking on a hobgoblin. So with little to no thought on our part nor any real plan whatsoever, we broke down the door and attacked. The Lt struck some major blows on one of the three bugbears while Carlin had no success and Alauntyrr Kilneld shot arrows with some success. One of the bugbears was killed. Fortunately one of the bugbears called for talk rather than fight and we capitulated rather than just die outright. At this point questions and answers ensued. A deal was brokered and we would receive the bugbear services to help us and help us find the castle we are looking for as they know the location in exchange for us bringing the head of Glass Staff (aka Iarno Albrek) for which we didn’t know he was Iarno at that point. Alauntyrr Kilneld due to his resemblence to their master was able to secure a 4hr short rest for us with the bug bears. After the rest and healing, we ventured north and encountered four redbrands. They were killed with relitive ease. The group continued north and happened upon a wizard’s study, noticed a rat, many scrolls, potions in progress, and books and closed the doors behind us. After searching the room, we entered a bed room with a seceret entrance. Upon entering the wizard was seen making his way out through a door. Deakon pursued while the rest of us followed a round later. The wizard was proving to be difficult to kill or capture, but after Carlin flustered Glass Staff with an illusion of a tiny prison cell for which the wizard failed to disbelieve, we were able to eventually capture Glass Staff and knock him out. Glass Staff was bound and gagged and Carlin cast a darkness illusion around Glass Staff’s head concentrating on it so that it might move with Glass Staff. We moved back to the Wizard’s room or study and stopped to catch our breath and figure out what to do next as we discovered that Glass Staff is Iarno Albrek during the altercation with him.

Sildar wants Iarno Albrek for interrogation, but the bugbears want his head and for us to keep the deal with the and gain their benefits, we need to provide them with his head. So here we need to figure out what to do. The most likely is that we interrogate him for information to give to Sildar and report Iarno’s death without reporting that we did it and provide the bugbears with Iarno’s head.

Carlin announced to the team that he wants Glass Staff’s glass staff. No one objected.


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