Phandelvan Champions

4/11/2016 Phandelvan (sp?) Champions' adventures...

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The team makes its way back to town. During the return, Cilwen mends the armor in her own special way making them more presentable and hopefully getting a little extra gold for the efforts.

So the team arrives in town with the load. We headed to Barthen’s Provisions to drop off the supplies and collect our payment. As we arrive in town we see/know of the Inn where we will retire for the evening after eating and gossip.

We stop off at Barthen’s Provisions and receive our payment and some intel about town and things that are happening. Refer to wiki for additional information.

We collect 10gp apiece so we can afford a stay there. We check in for dinner and gossip before retiring to our rooms(s). Many locals drinking mugs of cider. There is an odd looking heavily armored holy man, a minor, a gossipy bar maid, the inn keepers wife, and a child with a story to tell seeking an audience with anyone that will listen. We sit down at a table, and the lt. approaches the holy man for conversation and eventually invites him over to our table at which point he joins up with us as we all get along in our own idosyncratic ways. A miner (or group of miners) happen to speak of Orcs loudly, the inn keepers wife speaks of ruffians whom murdered Thel Dendran and that the Red Brands took Thel’s family and presumably they joined Thel. We find out that Halia Thornton runs the miners exchange. The Lt has ideas of running the place. The ruffians hang out in the east end of town at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse. The Town Master wants the Orcs run off. The holy man finds out from the boy that there is a secret tunnel in the woods near Alderleaf Farm run by Farmer Carp.

Something about Tobin: Tribor is upset over the Red Brands. Harbin is the Town Master. The Miners Exchange is to the South end of town.

Before bed, Cilwen casts Goodberry 3 times to have 30 berries on hand for tomorrow’s festivities.

In the morning we head out to sell our excess weapons. We found out at Barthen’s Provisions that to trade in weapons we needed to go to Lionshield Coster. It is notable for a sign overhead emblazoned with a wooden shield with a picture of a lion. There we exchange 12 scimitars, 13 shortbows, 12 shields, 4 leather armor, a morning star, and 1 set of hide armor. The proceeds go into the party pot.

Afterwards, we head over to the Shrine of Luck. Cilwen is hopeful that it is a Shrine to the Traveler, but was sadly disappointed that it is a Shrine to Timora. One of our team (Kilneld) arrived ahead us praying to her god. Upon the rest of the teams arrival we speak with Sister Gariel. She is an elf whom has a bug up her butt about the Red Brands as she is committed to their removal (from town or existence?). She needs help and is hoping that we will help her contact a Banshee to the north east about a spellbook…agatha…Perhaps she will know the location of a particular spellbook…Brow Gentle…Payment to us is 3 potions of healing. She needs this book to enlist the Harpers help in the removal of the Red Brands. The Harpers are an organization committed to removing the abuse of power in all areas. Sister hands us a comb that we can use to gain an audience with the Banshee (Agatha?).

The team decides to visit the Tap House next and gain an audience with the ruffians that we promised to deal with at the Inn. The Ruffians mouth off at us as we approach. The Lt mutter’s loudly under his breath that this isn’t going to end well. Cilwen prepares herself with a Santuary spell and the Ruffians begin to stream out of the taphouse. Battle commenses, Cilwen casts Bless on the others and runs off to remain out of the fight, only to approach when others need assistance. Critical mistake on her part that she plans to avoid in the future. The Lt breathes fire on a pair of the ruffians and goes down the next turn while a ruffian rushes to Cilwen and attempts an attack, but loses the will to attack with one sword but lands a blow on Cilwen. Cilwen is incensed by this attack, loses her short temper and with a pair of punches brutally kills the ruffian and then rushes back to the team to provide much needed health. In the mean time the holy man dispatches the last remaining ruffian with prejuidice. The fire caught the taphouse and after the fight we put it out. We then looted the ruffians coming up with 8 shortswords and 4 leather armor.

Each of us gaining 100xp.

Scouting the area we found footprints that lead to Tresendor Manor. See the wiki. We decide to head back to town as a feeling of Peace descends upon the town with the brutal deaths of the ruffians.

Cilwen runs ahead to commission a pair of right handed spike gloves and meets up with the others at the Town Master’s dwelling. The town master is speaking with Sildar as we arrive. We inform them of the news about the ruffians and the Town Master interjects that we should not have done that (as he is afraid of the Red Brands and expects retaliation). Sildar says that his friend Albrecht disappeared near Tresendor Manor and that we should check the place out, carefully. He speaks of Iyarno, a short dark haired wizard in his 30s. We seek out other information as well and find out that there are Orcs along Tribor Trail and are offered 10gp to take care of the orc problem. We think we already took care of them previously, but will confirm.

We learned from the Miner and the Inn that the folks at the exchange know the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle which is apparently more than Silder knows as he says that it is somewhere near Tribor Trail.

The team decides to pay a visit to Tresendor Manor which is an Ancient Manor that has been technically abandoned for years, but upon our approach we notice that there is much activity underneath.


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