Barthen's Provisions

Barthen’s is the biggest trading post in Phandalin. Its shelves stock most ordinary goods and supplies, including backpacks, bedrolls, rope, and rations. The place is open from sunup to sundown. Barthen’s does not stock weapons or armor, but characters can purchase other adventuring gear here, with the exception of items that cost more than 25pg. Characters in need of weapons or armor are directed to the Lionshield Coster.

The proprietor is Elmar Barthen, a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of fifty years with a kindly manner. He employs a couple of young clerks (Ander and Thistle), who help load and unload wagons and who wait on customers when Barthen isn’t around.

The Party was hired by Gundren Rockseeker to deliver a wagon of supplies to this establishment and have been promised that Elmar Barthen would pay 10gp to each adventurer who helped deliver the goods.


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Barthen's Provisions

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