Phandelvan Champions

The Adventure begins!

Gundren Rockseeker has tasked the group to bring a wagon of supplies to Phandalin for him. For their service he has promised 10gp to each member upon delivery to Barthen’s Provisions.

After 1 & 1/2 days of following The High Road south our adventurers turn east onto the Triboar Trail. Shortly after leaving the road they come upon an area where the trail is flanked by trees on the north and south… Here they discover the corpses of 2 horses they identify as the ones belonging to Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter. They find the saddle bags looted and an empty leather map case nearby.

Our adventuring group is Ambushed by 4 Goblins that they route and as the last one tries to flee north our adventures give chase. After a short rest and much looting, the adventurers decide (with much bickering from Iorisdes Cílwen about needing to deliver the caravan) to follow the direction the goblin tried to flee in and discover a hidden trail through the woods. With their trusty halfling ranger (Cade) out front disguised as a Goblin out front riding his mastiff steed he stealthily slinks through the trees. Unfortunately Cade was oblivious to the 2 traps the goblins had set for any intruders… After nearly getting his mount killed he left it in a protected position to rest while their Human fighter (Iorisdes Cílwen) and their Dragonborne Paladin (Lt. Augais Deakon) catch up.

Together our adventures continue to follow the trail and come upon the Goblin’s hideout. The Goblin’s Hideout appears to be a cave with a slow moving creek flowing out and southwards with thickets and brambles on the eastern side. Upon reaching the clearing on the western bank of the creek flowing from mouth of the goblin hideout, Cade announces loudly his presence while attempting to sneak up to the opening. Guards hidden in the thickets on the easern side of the creek attack. During the skirmish to follow Lt. Augais Deakon sets the thicket on fire and our party retreats and fortifies the position where Cade’s mastiff mount is resting and fortify the location before taking a long rest.


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