Phandelvan Champions

Return to town post Tresendor Manor

Ok, Hardly remember anything. So here goes.

We return to town. We take Iarno Albrek to Sildar Hallwinter. We exchange information and get payment. We go to the Inn. We roam the open area and have conversations. We decide to make a three location trek to rid the area of the orcs, to see the banshee, and deal with the Necromancer. Someone else fill in the missing information. Been too long. I meant to write this monday/tuesday, but life has full. We did well as a team especially with our abilities at third level and adding a pair of mates to assist us.

Tresendor Manor
Glass Staff

The team, Alauntyrr Kilneld, Carlin Timbers, Lt. Augais Deakon, broached the Manor. Upon entering we searched the room using our stealth and examined the contents; we apparently made much noise while being stealthy and drew the attention of some undesireables.

We handled them slightly better than in times past taking, for us minimal damage. We then patched up and went through a door and happend upon a crevasse with a creature with one eye (someone fill in the name here). We conversed with the creature eventually retrieving food from the stores from the previous room. The creature provided us with some information. It also gifted the party with treasure including Talon, a magucal long sword. This was taken by Deakon. Afterwards, we planned to cross the rickety bridge so Carlin suggested that we grab some of the food from the previous room for the return trip just in case we come back this way. So we got some food. Since the bridge was rickety, we sent Lt. Augais Deakon across first as he weighed the most. Just in case was tied him off with a rope apparently leaving just 10’ of rope remaining out of 50’ and sent him across where the bridge broke with the Lt falling and dragging the rest the team holding the rope. Fortunately since we fed the creature, he left us alone and we were able to crawl up the wall to the other side and escape the crevasse. We licked and healed up our wounds with healing potion and moved on.

We came upon a room for which we could hear three (bugbears) picking on a hobgoblin. So with little to no thought on our part nor any real plan whatsoever, we broke down the door and attacked. The Lt struck some major blows on one of the three bugbears while Carlin had no success and Alauntyrr Kilneld shot arrows with some success. One of the bugbears was killed. Fortunately one of the bugbears called for talk rather than fight and we capitulated rather than just die outright. At this point questions and answers ensued. A deal was brokered and we would receive the bugbear services to help us and help us find the castle we are looking for as they know the location in exchange for us bringing the head of Glass Staff (aka Iarno Albrek) for which we didn’t know he was Iarno at that point. Alauntyrr Kilneld due to his resemblence to their master was able to secure a 4hr short rest for us with the bug bears. After the rest and healing, we ventured north and encountered four redbrands. They were killed with relitive ease. The group continued north and happened upon a wizard’s study, noticed a rat, many scrolls, potions in progress, and books and closed the doors behind us. After searching the room, we entered a bed room with a seceret entrance. Upon entering the wizard was seen making his way out through a door. Deakon pursued while the rest of us followed a round later. The wizard was proving to be difficult to kill or capture, but after Carlin flustered Glass Staff with an illusion of a tiny prison cell for which the wizard failed to disbelieve, we were able to eventually capture Glass Staff and knock him out. Glass Staff was bound and gagged and Carlin cast a darkness illusion around Glass Staff’s head concentrating on it so that it might move with Glass Staff. We moved back to the Wizard’s room or study and stopped to catch our breath and figure out what to do next as we discovered that Glass Staff is Iarno Albrek during the altercation with him.

Sildar wants Iarno Albrek for interrogation, but the bugbears want his head and for us to keep the deal with the and gain their benefits, we need to provide them with his head. So here we need to figure out what to do. The most likely is that we interrogate him for information to give to Sildar and report Iarno’s death without reporting that we did it and provide the bugbears with Iarno’s head.

Carlin announced to the team that he wants Glass Staff’s glass staff. No one objected.

A companion retires

Cedric has decided to stay with friends and family in Phandalin and has decided not to continue helping the group.

4/11/2016 Phandelvan (sp?) Champions' adventures...
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The team makes its way back to town. During the return, Cilwen mends the armor in her own special way making them more presentable and hopefully getting a little extra gold for the efforts.

So the team arrives in town with the load. We headed to Barthen’s Provisions to drop off the supplies and collect our payment. As we arrive in town we see/know of the Inn where we will retire for the evening after eating and gossip.

We stop off at Barthen’s Provisions and receive our payment and some intel about town and things that are happening. Refer to wiki for additional information.

We collect 10gp apiece so we can afford a stay there. We check in for dinner and gossip before retiring to our rooms(s). Many locals drinking mugs of cider. There is an odd looking heavily armored holy man, a minor, a gossipy bar maid, the inn keepers wife, and a child with a story to tell seeking an audience with anyone that will listen. We sit down at a table, and the lt. approaches the holy man for conversation and eventually invites him over to our table at which point he joins up with us as we all get along in our own idosyncratic ways. A miner (or group of miners) happen to speak of Orcs loudly, the inn keepers wife speaks of ruffians whom murdered Thel Dendran and that the Red Brands took Thel’s family and presumably they joined Thel. We find out that Halia Thornton runs the miners exchange. The Lt has ideas of running the place. The ruffians hang out in the east end of town at the Sleeping Giant Taphouse. The Town Master wants the Orcs run off. The holy man finds out from the boy that there is a secret tunnel in the woods near Alderleaf Farm run by Farmer Carp.

Something about Tobin: Tribor is upset over the Red Brands. Harbin is the Town Master. The Miners Exchange is to the South end of town.

Before bed, Cilwen casts Goodberry 3 times to have 30 berries on hand for tomorrow’s festivities.

In the morning we head out to sell our excess weapons. We found out at Barthen’s Provisions that to trade in weapons we needed to go to Lionshield Coster. It is notable for a sign overhead emblazoned with a wooden shield with a picture of a lion. There we exchange 12 scimitars, 13 shortbows, 12 shields, 4 leather armor, a morning star, and 1 set of hide armor. The proceeds go into the party pot.

Afterwards, we head over to the Shrine of Luck. Cilwen is hopeful that it is a Shrine to the Traveler, but was sadly disappointed that it is a Shrine to Timora. One of our team (Kilneld) arrived ahead us praying to her god. Upon the rest of the teams arrival we speak with Sister Gariel. She is an elf whom has a bug up her butt about the Red Brands as she is committed to their removal (from town or existence?). She needs help and is hoping that we will help her contact a Banshee to the north east about a spellbook…agatha…Perhaps she will know the location of a particular spellbook…Brow Gentle…Payment to us is 3 potions of healing. She needs this book to enlist the Harpers help in the removal of the Red Brands. The Harpers are an organization committed to removing the abuse of power in all areas. Sister hands us a comb that we can use to gain an audience with the Banshee (Agatha?).

The team decides to visit the Tap House next and gain an audience with the ruffians that we promised to deal with at the Inn. The Ruffians mouth off at us as we approach. The Lt mutter’s loudly under his breath that this isn’t going to end well. Cilwen prepares herself with a Santuary spell and the Ruffians begin to stream out of the taphouse. Battle commenses, Cilwen casts Bless on the others and runs off to remain out of the fight, only to approach when others need assistance. Critical mistake on her part that she plans to avoid in the future. The Lt breathes fire on a pair of the ruffians and goes down the next turn while a ruffian rushes to Cilwen and attempts an attack, but loses the will to attack with one sword but lands a blow on Cilwen. Cilwen is incensed by this attack, loses her short temper and with a pair of punches brutally kills the ruffian and then rushes back to the team to provide much needed health. In the mean time the holy man dispatches the last remaining ruffian with prejuidice. The fire caught the taphouse and after the fight we put it out. We then looted the ruffians coming up with 8 shortswords and 4 leather armor.

Each of us gaining 100xp.

Scouting the area we found footprints that lead to Tresendor Manor. See the wiki. We decide to head back to town as a feeling of Peace descends upon the town with the brutal deaths of the ruffians.

Cilwen runs ahead to commission a pair of right handed spike gloves and meets up with the others at the Town Master’s dwelling. The town master is speaking with Sildar as we arrive. We inform them of the news about the ruffians and the Town Master interjects that we should not have done that (as he is afraid of the Red Brands and expects retaliation). Sildar says that his friend Albrecht disappeared near Tresendor Manor and that we should check the place out, carefully. He speaks of Iyarno, a short dark haired wizard in his 30s. We seek out other information as well and find out that there are Orcs along Tribor Trail and are offered 10gp to take care of the orc problem. We think we already took care of them previously, but will confirm.

We learned from the Miner and the Inn that the folks at the exchange know the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle which is apparently more than Silder knows as he says that it is somewhere near Tribor Trail.

The team decides to pay a visit to Tresendor Manor which is an Ancient Manor that has been technically abandoned for years, but upon our approach we notice that there is much activity underneath.

Notes about Cragmaw Hideout
Quest related info!
  • Sildar has promised 50gp to the party for an escort to Phandalin, which the party has agreed to.
Cragmaw hideout
Dance in the Goblin Blood!

Alauntyrr Kilneld decided to wake from her nap in the wagon and finally join the party, watching over them while they slept…

Upon waking and returning to the cave they found the previous day, they found that all of the thickets on the east side of the river have been burnt to a crisp… No shame is felt by Lt. Augais Deakon for doing what needed to be done.

Entering the cave stealthily, our adventures ascend the short stairs to the right and come upon 3 wolves. Cade and Alauntyrr Kilneld manage to soothe them but Lt. Augais Deakon and Iorisdes Cílwen manage to piss them off, even while offering them food! Upon seeing that they have pissed off the wolves Lt. Augais Deakon and Iorisdes Cílwen decide to climb the natural chimney on the east side of that room with Cade and Alauntyrr Kilneld following.

At the top of the chimney they found themselves hidden behind some stalagmites in a room with a bugbear (Klarg), his pet wolf (Ripper), and 2 goblin minions chilling around a fire… Our adventures manage to surprise them and quickly get the upper hand by severely bloodying Klarg in the first 2 rounds of combat while Ripper and the Goblins laying to the group. Klarg’s resolve fails at this point and he runs and hides in a corner… Unfortunately for our adventures, this is when 2 Goblins in the adjacent room notice the fighting (since Lt. Augais Deakon decided to stand by the door and light the room on fire, thus brightening the dark cave for a moment…)

With the added reinforments, Lt. Augais Deakon was quickly overwhelmed and fell unconscious. The other 3 adventures were able to fall Ripper, Klarg’s pet, and Klarg himself, and thus began to turn the tides of battle! The tides were turned for but a moment, however, as Cade jumped forward to take on the Goblins they fell Lt. Augais Deakon… This proved to be quite painful for Cade as he succumbed to grevious wounds and fell unconscious, but not before falling 1 of the Goblins in the process. During Cade’s dance of death with Ripper and the Goblins in the North side of this room, Iorisdes Cílwen wasn’t sure if he wanted to hit the Goblin as most of his strikes had missed. Once a good solid blow was landed and the goblin fell, however, she turned to assist Cade, she was too late however, and arrived after he had fallen. With Alauntyrr Kilneld shooting at the Goblins from behind a stalagmite and Iorisdes Cílwen landing hits, they were able to finish off their foes… A long rest was decided to be had since 2 of their group had fallen unconscious but had stabilized…

This long rest proved fatal for Iorisdes Cílwen however as a goblin sentry hadn’t heard anything for a couple hours and decided to investigate… Upon ambushing the group Iorisdes Cílwen fell pray to the goblin’s arrow, but Alauntyrr Kilneld was able to exact revenge with a clean shot to the face even if the Goblin had half cover.

Alauntyrr Kilneld decided to reposition his party away from the groom’s opening and rest again. This time they rested a full 4 hours which allowed the party to lick it’s wounds and recover.

Upon further investigation of this cave, they noticed more goblin noises in the distance… Upon reaching the next room our adventures ambushed 4 unsuspecting Goblins resting around a fire or on sleeping mats. Lt. Augais Deakon was able to skewer one of the goblin’s heads onto his javalin during a ferocious attack. The Goblins fell wickly to their onslaught of ranged attacks until suddenly a voice cut through the battle… “Stop or this human dies!” The voice says. The adventures recognized the human as Sildar Hallwinter but he was stripped to basic clothes, beaten, tied up and being dragged by a slightly larger Goblin…

In response to this, Lt. Augais Deakon bellows “let him go, or you shall die instead!”. With that the Goblin leader tosses Sildar off a small drop where he flops to the ground and falls unconscious. Where upon our adventures begin the assult anew taking out the Goblin leader who was trying to use a stalagmite for cover as well as the final Goblin who was then trying to use Sildar’s unconscious body as a meat shield.

Upon his return to consciousness, Sildar Hallwinter explained to the group many things and answered their worried questions…

Sildar provides the characters with four pieces of useful information:

  • The three Rockseeker brothers (Gundren Rockseeker, Tharden Rockseeker, and Nundro Rockseeker) recently located an entrance to the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the mines of the Phandelver’s Pact.
  • Klarg, the bugbear who leads this goblin band, had orders to waylay Gundren. Sildar heard from the goblins that The Black Spider sent word that the dwarf was to be brought to him. Sildar doesn’t know who or what the Black Spider is.
  • Gundren Rockseeker had a map showing the secret location of Wave Echo Cave, but the goblins took it when they captured him. Sildar believes that Klarg sent the map and the dwarf to the chief of the Cragmaws at a place called Cragmaw Castle. Sildar doesn’t know where that might be, but he suggests someone in Phandalin might know.
  • Sildar’s contact in Phandalin is a human wizard named Iarno Albrek. The wizard traveled to the town two months ago to establish order there. After the Lords’ Alliance received no word from Iarno, Sildar decided to investigate.
The Adventure begins!

Gundren Rockseeker has tasked the group to bring a wagon of supplies to Phandalin for him. For their service he has promised 10gp to each member upon delivery to Barthen’s Provisions.

After 1 & 1/2 days of following The High Road south our adventurers turn east onto the Triboar Trail. Shortly after leaving the road they come upon an area where the trail is flanked by trees on the north and south… Here they discover the corpses of 2 horses they identify as the ones belonging to Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter. They find the saddle bags looted and an empty leather map case nearby.

Our adventuring group is Ambushed by 4 Goblins that they route and as the last one tries to flee north our adventures give chase. After a short rest and much looting, the adventurers decide (with much bickering from Iorisdes Cílwen about needing to deliver the caravan) to follow the direction the goblin tried to flee in and discover a hidden trail through the woods. With their trusty halfling ranger (Cade) out front disguised as a Goblin out front riding his mastiff steed he stealthily slinks through the trees. Unfortunately Cade was oblivious to the 2 traps the goblins had set for any intruders… After nearly getting his mount killed he left it in a protected position to rest while their Human fighter (Iorisdes Cílwen) and their Dragonborne Paladin (Lt. Augais Deakon) catch up.

Together our adventures continue to follow the trail and come upon the Goblin’s hideout. The Goblin’s Hideout appears to be a cave with a slow moving creek flowing out and southwards with thickets and brambles on the eastern side. Upon reaching the clearing on the western bank of the creek flowing from mouth of the goblin hideout, Cade announces loudly his presence while attempting to sneak up to the opening. Guards hidden in the thickets on the easern side of the creek attack. During the skirmish to follow Lt. Augais Deakon sets the thicket on fire and our party retreats and fortifies the position where Cade’s mastiff mount is resting and fortify the location before taking a long rest.


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